Fear Fears Me

Fear fears me and that's not odd
Fear fears me because I walk with God
God is with me with every step that I take
Fear fears me with every move that I make
I could walk down a dark alley knowing I'm protected
Knowing the enemy's moves are always deflected
God and I show fear who's boss
And since I definitely have God fear has definitely lost
Fear isn't in control because I am
I'm fearless the way I walk, talk and stand
With fear we all have our own battles
We have to find strength in our hearts and act now
The more I grow, the less I fear
The less I fear because God is always here
There's no room for fear in my mind
And for fear I definitely don't have time
It's not like I'm saying I can just walk away
But people overcome fear everyday
And in time we always do
Fear can also fear you

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