Fear Is a Liar


From March Until May,
“Lord, I need you, I need sleep I would pray.”
Relentlessly, fear sat in,
While my little sister lay in the hospital,
And my family at the inn.
Cyst, don’t hurt her brain, MRSA have mercy,
Don’t take her away!
Waiting awake from night ‘til day, day by day.
Days went on but my sleep did not.
My mental health declined even more,
But thankfully her life did not come to a stop.
She healed, my mind did not.
It was bad even before the world became sick.
Stuck in my room, I hit a wall like a brick.
I would go so long without sleep,
I forgot to eat, my face with famine was hot.
Thoughts turning dark,
My head swimming with the unspeakable,
In my eyes was not left even a spark.
My mom called a family intervention.
Into the hospital, I went,
No masks were allowed - big risks.
I was put on new medicines, fear shriveled
The Lord heard my lament,
Healed into sleep, with his blessings I went.

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