Fear [July 11, 2016]

As he stands alone in the dark
A sense of morbidity clings to his heart
He can feel it, growing, threatening despair
This is how it ends, this is his cage of fear

In the nightmare he walks alone in silence
Only his gasping breath can be heard within his blindness
On a path of sorrow and pain he treads
Each step bringing him closer to that he dreads

Visions of death and lies linger in his thoughts
He confronts those he loves, consumed in what he wrought
For he realizes within his nightmare, he is to blame
His very existence brought nothing but everlasting shame

From the very beginning he was a mistake
He was never meant to exist, he is a fake
Now that lies are gone and the cover is blown
He walks away from the life that he has always known

As he reaches the end of the path, only darkness awaits
He looks over his shoulder, and takes a leap of faith
Nobody tried to stop him, they didn't know, couldn't hear
He belongs to his nightmare now, he gave in to his fear

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