fear of darkness

Silence. Nothing. Darkness surrounds me and I am completely clueless of my surroundings.
I am scared I try to cry out for help but nothing escapes my mouth.
A sudden noise makes me jump in alarm, I feel a warm presence next to me and I lashed out to get a hold of it before it disappears.
As I feel it's warmth it slips through my fingers like sand slipping through at the beach.
I'm all alone again with no one and nothing with me, my darkest fear has become a reality as I try to calm my self my fear becomes worse.
The silence is deafening and my head is pounding with the cutting thoughts of fear, darkness and silence.
My prison unexpectedly becomes smaller and smaller until I am bursting out of it.
Abruptly a bright light blinds me, as it surrounds me all of my distress dissolves like sugar in hot water and I feel safe and calm.
That's when I realized that I was just a baby bird coming out of it's nest

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