Fear of death

We were like fresh flowers near a river,
Each day was like our last day.
We rock and roll like singing birds,
Together we are shinning diamond.

Not knowing that one day you will be no more,
Not aware that i will let you go.
Pains matters not,but memory does.
Through bad and easy time you were there,
To let you go will dispers my soul.
I gave you special place in my heart,
Not aware that you were just taking a short cut.

But i was blinded by emotions of love.
Miss me but let me go,at least tears won't drop again,
I won't feel abandoned again.

Your valvet voice cherished,
When i was dilapidated.
Sensation of your image flourished my heart,
Shinning stars of night maked no regret to let you in,
Not aware that one side of my diamond will vanish.
Miss but let me go,
Slowly but surely this pain will silent forever.
Miss but let go of me.

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