Fear of Unknown in Bassodesh Secondary School’s Quarters

I O I have been cheating myself for so long
I never knew that lightness and darkness coexist
To my very attention, the world is nothing
With only light and without night.
O Nature, seeing different are my eyes,
Where there’s sunlight in the cloudless sky
Unlike darkness that impacts my memories
Things are bright, quiet, and innocently lie.

II O Nature, when the goddess of the moon,
Selene, the beautiful queen of heaven,
Disappears, she leaves the sky like coon,
And features in Bassodesh are darkly shown.
How powerful is the darkness in the sky!
Where the blue sky is dark, blurred, and distinct,
Changing my vision on what naturally lie!
To my anxiety in the haze of the night.

III O Nature, the twinkling of the star,
When deep darkness covers the earth,
Don’t they appear the way they are,
Unlike in the day for they looked of worth
One day, in Bassodesh sec school’s office,
Where I worked, I left late in the night,
Dragging my feet. In a quiet and wild voice,
Of the calm earth which reacted upon my sight.

IV The goddess of the moon slept, and stars fainted,
I crept in a path by Mgunga grove,
Blanketed by the black cloud.
Darkly things became emotive.
The haze of the night conquered my eyes,
My mind, and my heart’s beat.
Looked to both sides like a gang of spies,
I shuffled along with my armpits’ sweat.

V I flinched and could hear myself out of breath,
In my chest, the hammer of my heart
Came along with sweat that smelt death,
And the wheezing sounds of my own feet.
Shock made my blood freeze like a dead body,
The rustling of evergreen grasses, the blowing
Of a cold wind scrawled on my skin to the blood,
A sense of something on me was attacking

VI Suddenly, I ran away like a pick-pocket thief.
“A Python, Python wants to swallow me-e!”
I yelled at the top of my lungs for my own relief
I kicked the door open nor as I will always be-e!
I got inside, wheezed, flinched like a hunting dog
Or a runner who ran ten thousand miles in a second.
The moment the cock crowed in the cloudy morning fog
I realized that I slept on the couch on the mend.

VII I wondered why my students and fellow teachers.
Did not come to my rescue from this wild creature,
That Lived among us one of the natural features,
Who wanted to prey on me through charms of Mother Nature
They say, “It was quiet like still waters in the stagnant pond.”
We set out for the python then without delay.
On the way to my house and a little far beyond,
We found Mgunga’s log somebody left away.

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