Fear Ran

Fear ran rampant, running down every highway,
every road and every street.
Searching in every nook and crevice for someone
to consume, someone to beat.
Filled with an anger of old and dark evil at its core,
Filled with contempt and corruption, knocking on every door.
Having nothing to offer except scarcity,
darkness, gloom and hate,
Fear thought itself to be infallible,
mighty and great.
Filled with an ego of such magnitude,
would shadow the earth.
Its efforts aimed to confuse and
create false feeling of no self-worth.
One fateful day upon a narrow road, sat a tiny little house,
That sheltered a man living in the spirit and his spouse.
Fear boasted with a booming bold conviction,
I'll add to their woes with a new drug addiction.

Fear said, surely I shall fill these tenants with frustration.
Fear reviled in his vanity, bubbling and brimming
with great anticipation.
Fear rattled, shook, bellowed and roared at the door
like an angry rabid bear.
Love slowly opened the door and no one standing there.

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