Fear Tactics

most shout out they people in the pen
I shout “equality & education! Freedom of man.”
I need answers I don’t understand..
Bloody borders & the massacre it represents
Cultural annihilation of my descendants.
Murder daily freedom & $, drugs & border patrol…Laughing but its not funny.
I been hit with conspiracy and crimes I didn’t commit. So I know the attorneys that don’t give a shit.
Public defenders trade cases as they sit..then railroad under educated.
No bail $-pockets empty.
No love 4 the poor & pull strings 4 the weathy?
I am a human being, not a corporation sold as a slave, collateral of US..bartor and trade.
How can I be afraid walls laid.
Try 2 pursued,
Inferior to police, rookies made.
Watch dem crazy bald heads on parade.
I won’t think twice to abade.
Crooked cops cum up short, become jade
tamper evidence from the raid.
Take stand under oath and lie to get paid.
Gotta eat….
But must I bare these scars?
Searched by male guards.
Pigs that violate inmates to get hard.
Hard in the pain to beat me?
Go ahead more concerned with the hypnosis of society.
I feel the desperation-
mis education
Stigmatized-error in time
Diverting the nation
Subjecting people to experimentations
& force hate & segregation.
Praying 4 peace,
Because I’m losing my patience.
Lie to youth, lost souls confused& suffer the anguish.
I c the pain in their eyes Mr. President won’t u explain this.
How does the da have authority… back to back life sentences?
What kind of sence does that make? Minors tried as adult in adolesence.
Pedophiles in church never learning a lesson.
All men creayted equal… Noyt the system that governs my people.
Enough prisons of the mind.
fear tactics used for brains to remain blind.
Caught in a trap. Still bare arms vests and straps.
Lil homie wanna be large and took the wrap. 15 yrs later and wants his life back.
40 year old virgin-not a movie. Never touched a women.
Too late on death row @ early ages. Stages of life. Act & watch complacent/ living just enough 4 cell, small living spaces,
Limited perception..Lemmeaaskyall a question. If stars&space are limitless. Why abide boundries that limit us?
They say ignorance is bliss. I disagree….if that was the case truth and education would have no fee.

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