Fear Vs. Anxiety

Fear it follows me wherever I may go,
no it will never leave me alone.
Fear is something that will clearly show,
fear may turn me into stone.

Anxiety haunts and creeps in my daily life,
I think of this and that, what can it be?
Anxiety never dies, always will it remain alive,
this it takes ahold of me, trapped with no key.

Fear it comes and goes, it is only a minute,
but I know it sure doesn’t fell like it.
Fear leaves once it hits the highest limit,
it will take what it has and split.

Anxiety is a fight in my mind,
it is only a thought made up.
Deeply and very hard it will grind,
it forever overflows in my cup.

Anxiety plays with your mind,
fear plays with your actions.
Anxiety is a bind,
fear is just fractions.

Fear is when I am scared,
anxiety is not what goes on reality.
Fear can come when I am dared,
anxiety can be part of a personality.

Fear and anxiety are often mistaken in the run,
even though they have different names.
They often are mistaken for two in one,
but no they are not the same.

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