Fear within the victim of knife crime and robbery

It’s late at night, I’m walking home
It’s getting darker still and I’m on my own
As time goes on, I can sense someone’s there
It’s quiet and dark, I can’t see where
I look behind but I’m blinded by the street light
But I Can see silhouettes in the shadow of the night
My mind starts racing, my heart begins to fear
They’re coming up fast, I sense them getting near
I pick up my pace steadily up the hill
I hear their footsteps getting faster still
My hearts really pounding, my minds racing more
I’m only two blocks away from my front door
Who can it be, whose there? For I can’t see
My minds racing wondering are they even after me
Footsteps getting louder as they get nearer and nearer
I can hear their voices getting clearer and clearer
I look again, there’s three or four maybe more
It’s ok now I’m only ten feet from my door
Their now shouting at me waving something around
A sharp pain in my side, as I fall to the ground
Do it again one yells as I see the knife
Get his phone another shouts as I plead for my life

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