I’m scared of a lot of things,

but losing you is my biggest fear.

It’s what keeps me up at night.

It’s what bothers me every second of every day.

It’s what causes me to be so unfocused.

I'm scared that one day,

you’ll walk out of that door

and never come back.

because sometimes I think I'm not good enough for you

because sometimes it’s easier for you to walk away from me

than to fight for what we have


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This Poems Story

This definitely speaks to me as a person. It reflects my exact fear of someone I love leaving me, and I'm not referring to my family because I know they will always love me no matter what. Instead of my family and relatives, I'm referring to someone I love leaving me who's outside of my family. I'm scared that one day, I'll wake up and he won't be around, that he would just leave without notice. No note. Nothing. The thought of knowing someone would leave me because I wasn't good enough or not enough for them to stay makes me so scared. So I wrote this poem because I think it is something that almost everyone in a relationship struggles with.