Feast or Femine

It's feast or famine,
Damn Right,
So im eating today feasting on prey,
Like they salmon swimming up stream the wrong way,
I got a dream,
That all needs catch a breese and just fly away,
And all my wants are meet at once, And my love found it's way,
Some could say, but say it once, far-fetched in a way,
I guess, So if I catch it once,
I cant let it slip away,
I tip today, flip my chips to make me rich,
And I'll be rich one day,
Paid like jigga,in a hood nicca sort of way,
Hand on my hitta,
Real sort of play,
Quick to pull the trigger im feeling that type of way,
I cherish my whole life,
Catch let you take this here away ,
So I'm living like my life gonna end on this day,
Nothing promised so it might,
Something I gotta say,
So I'm taking it one above,
In a Rock star type of way,
My every mission, and every intention,
I put my vision in play,
Kloe K, I'll wife today oden was tripping twelve bedroom house forth teen bath in everyone I'll be sitting,
Right on the beach that's a lifestyle worth living. Smashing klohe every hour wearing my meat like a mitten Calabasas tipping glass with the rich and informous.

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