Feathery love

Feathery love
Remember how we met?
We were both broken, we were both wrecked.
We exchanged tiny words with our flickering pens. Seldom can one find a mate so affectionate, so elegant.
From the beginning I explained to you that my heart is bruised.
I told you, “I’m shattered, broken, restless٫ emotionally abused”.
You assured me of how your past was the same.
How raveled your heart was, how all your life was hell. And your face looked so pale.
Yet I felt something was deeply wrong.
I thought to myself “don’t mess up again, at least not this time”. I tried to reason with you so hard.
but you wouldn’t listen to me at all.
You said my fears came from lack of trust.
You soothed me and told me “everything will be alright”. With that tenderness, you melted my brittle heart.
Your tranquil smile, captured my disheveled eyes.
You unwrapped my entangled knots.
you bestowed me strength, you made me wise.
Our love was like a feather, delicate, beautiful and light.
But alas,
I wish it wasn’t that light.
An abhorrent storm rushed into the sky of our lives,
Annihilated our dreams, abolished our love,
And it just,
it just,
drifted us apart.
We became the victims
of a feathery love.

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