February 14th

It was around February 14th valentines day
I saw you the first time
When You took my heart away
You swept me away into your beckon arms, so haunting and irresistible
Our eyes met with burning desire
You then you made love to me next to the fire
Never in my wildest dreams did i feel ecstasy like this!
There was no denying
Our bodies need to exist.
Passion never knew it's soulmate till your ravishing kiss.
Devouring every inch of each others bodies
Minutes to hours
Nothing else existed between you and i
Sweet passionate kisses unraveling me
Forever from that moment you ruined me
Your the only one who made me feel so Breathless
You touched me in ways that made my body beg for more
You took me with hunger ,bodies getting hotter
Making me whimper submitting to your every touch
Never have i encountered such magical bliss
You sent shivers thru every inch of my body
you brought me back to life.
Before this moment nothing felt so true
I never knew i could feel such love,but it did exist with you..
you took me to a whole knew world beyond imagination
Unfolding me wrapping my body on to yours
Screaming your name babe i'm yours...

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