You know it's kind of hard for me to grasp eternity
Because everything's come to an end for me
All my dreams have been drawings in the sand
Washed away by the sea
But there's no time to grieve
I have to draw a new dream in the same spot as before
When will I finally learn to put my dreams farther up on the beach?
Where no tide can reach
And wash my dreams out to sea
But I don't see
A spot in the sand to firmly place my dreams
The beach is starting to shift
Now I feel like I'm starting to drift
On a raft in the middle of a raging sea
It's only now that I see I'm starting to sink
But this water isn't the kind you drink
This water is all my fears and failures
I attempt to swim to the surface only to find I'm going in the wrong direction

But this is how it's supposed to be for me, right?
I'm supposed to sink due to my complexion
I'm not expected to make it
They don't expect me to do anything but quit
I'm unfit for the challenge before me
Well now I'm angry
Now I want to prove you wrong
I'm hoping some can sing along to my song
One of hope
And standing too tall to be put in a box
So big that you can step over your mental blocks

Go face-to-face in the ring with your greatest fear, it's one of your giants
It's time for you to fight it
Beat him like a drum
Tell him I'm giving you four seconds to run
Ready: "Fee-fi-fo-fum"
Look out here I come

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