Feel Free

All because I'm mad, I don't have the right to smile
So when I'm happy, there's no way I can mug
Another proud dread head labeled as a thug
An addiction begins with a choice, some choose to love
Bad habits ruin dreams, most worse than drugs
So feel free, to be who you want to be
Not a want to be
Why would you want to be like somebody
Who's trying to be somebody else
That's like trying to help guy, that's not trying to help himself
So feel free, to open up for isolation
Break the cycle and build a bridge to a new land
Dead men walking in a broken system, it's time for a new plan
So feel free, to be scared of starting over
Because revenge is going backwards, often confused with closure
Keep your composure
As they fear what they don't understand
Claiming that they honor man
With no effort to comprehend
So feel free to be different, feel free to be ashamed
Because the ones that hide their feelings, usually hide the blame
Why practice, when you feel perfect
Why sell out, when you know it's not worth it
Be patient, feel free to wait your turn
Because the ones that rush pass their mistakes, probably never learn

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