Feel Lonely Inside

The children are filled with life.
With their mates around
They laugh, trip, have fun and make me smile.
Their joy is infectious but,
I feel lonely inside.

I can hear the chatter outside
Of friends who arrive from far and wide.
To celebrate another year that has just gone by.
The room gets crowded, the countdown begins but,
I feel lonely inside.

Sleep eludes me tonight,
I keep staring at the darkness outside
The silence unnerves me,
The void within yearns for the one faraway
I am not surprised that,
I feel lonely inside.

The gates creak and I look up to see
Muddy boots leaving muck on the spotless stairs,
The familiar face of my man in his uniform,
Standing safely, before me.
I walk into his arms,
And, as we embrace each other
I no longer feel lonely inside.

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