Feel of love

You are the one that you are staying in my heart.
My world is all around you.
In my heart there is like one pain… pain…
That is like a soft and cool..
My generations are all depends on you.
My eyes and my eyes are always in you.
All the time that’s enough you stay with me enough and enough.
Makes soul for me like a baby.
You don’t think that’s you will not be mine.
You don’t think that you are not being in my future.
You don’t think that you are not staying with me.
You don’t think that you are being a soulmate for me.
Like a bird that don’t know the way where to go.
I want to be like this bird to fly with you.
In my life all time I will be with you.
Still I death I will be the one that you love.
I forget my soul that’s in you.

I don’t think it is a dream or real.
Back to see my heart
That I want my soul, soul…
If I think that teenage days are like dessert your eyes are shake me.
Still morning I want to be in dream with you.
My heartbeats are always with you.
My heart will melt that’s first and first soul love…
My dreams are always around you.
My eyes, I’ll be the soul one of mingle you.
My thinks are always around you.
My eyes are calling you.
The time will come that is melting me.
When your heartbeats come, you can show your feelings.
Like one drop in my lips that I expect you come.
We will not be far that’s you are closer.
I will come to your lap.
I expect more on you that my beat increase laying on your eyes.
When I see you, your memories are live with me.
When I wake you will be the first I see you.
I expect on you singing song for me like my mom.
You will be next to my mom for wake me to sing a song…

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