Feel, Rather Not

Feel like I'm gonna barf
It's sad when your love gets torn apart
You look to your friends but they don't understand
You look to the one you know you love
But waited until now for them to return it
Not feeling is the best feeling
It's how I've been getting by
At times I feel like it's not worth it
But I'm not the cutting kind of guy
My anger controls me
Like I'm a video game
You control me, but it's all the same
You're my high, I found peace in you
I shouldn't have gotten attached,
My love goes deep for you
I can't deal with it now
All I can do is bow before a king
A king I halfa** know but trust
Because I need it, it's a must
Without it I'd turn to dust
but this feeling.it's nothing but a fuss
Feeling nothing is the best feeling of all
'Cause it keeps me sain.that's all.

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This Poems Story

My poems are based on pure emotion, my feelings for the moment. This poem was based on a relationship I was having that was great and we were going through a rough patch. I love to write, I love to read and my goal in life is to inspire.like I've been inspired by Stacye L. Harper (my mother), thank you for everything.