Feel You

That little lilt of your mouth
That little curve of your lips
As your eyes dance
With unspoken thoughts

That little look I didn't know you were givin'
Not always sure what your feelin'
But yet I feel you,
Inside and out,
Quiet but loud.

Your energy
Like tingles in my skin
And glitter on my mind
You see the things I'll never see,
about me.

With you wonders never cease
With little whispers and a gentle kiss
On warm nights with the softest touches
Long thoughts, feelings sought
Your the answer to my not

So much I long to hear
When you're ready to bring your mind near
Deep into my sanctuary
Where only your voice will carry

A place of peace and love
Unconditional and unrivaled
My mind will always be
A safe place for you
Where you'll always find me

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