I sit in group looking for help.
Feelings are floating in the air with small dust particles.
The hunger feeds off of others.
Anger floats around and all individuals are feeding off of it.
Feelings are bullshit, lies, fake and imaginations.
I fucked up my whole life for just a “feeling”.
The high makes it feel better but destroys everything in front of it.
Eleven years of sobriety thrown in the dumpster to never see again.
A “feeling” made me a liar, druggie and a boy.
I am not a man now because I sit here shivering from fear.
E thirty-seven year old man is now a baby.
A pacifier is in my mouth only because of the “feeling”.
Family and loved ones are trying to help by taking my binky.
I cry in my chair now noticing my pacifier is gone.
The binky was gone for eleven years and absent from life.
A thirty-seven year old man picked up a teddy bear for nothing but a “feeling”.
A man turned himself into a boy.
Fetal position cradling his fucking bear for nothing but a “feeling”.
A feeling got me high.
A feeling took my life.
A feeling made me insane.
A feeling killed me.
My life is down to the simplest form.
A single cell organism.
Single piece of atom with nothing but a cell and a Bitch laughing at me.

F*ck Off Angie

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation, crazy

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This Poems Story

I did all this destruction for nothing but a feeling. Now I have all disturbing feelings running through my head just waiting for the implosion.