Feeling Alive

Love me like you mean it
Take the pain and all of its meaning
All the grey shades we made in life
Make it colorful, make it alive
Because I can't stand another day
Of feeling trapped like I cannot change
So numb, just lifeless to it all
I used to feel warm, but now I feel cold
Running into the arms of the cursed
The lessons I learned, I earned
How can I help myself, if I'm only getting closer to hell?
It's through His blood that I am saved
In His love that I now claim
People look so hard for answers
What a terrible disaster
All the while, he's in front of their face
Yet people act dumb, like a flock of lames
God, show me how to live the life you gave
Lord, help me grow closer every day
My friends and family have pretty much died
Not on the out, but they died inside
Father, I love you, and my life is in Your hands
No one gets me, no one understands
Only You, Jesus, You always have
I trust you forever, in this life and after
What's life, if it's death?
Because without You, I am dead
I'm finally ready
You cleaned what was messy
Leaving me cleared-minded
Lord, thank You for Your kindness
I can see, for I am no longer blinded

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