Feeling Alone This Dark Night

Feeling alone on this night that is so dark
The pitiful man comes around, trying to make his mark
Though slight comfort comes from his words and company
And though he believes he has come with great empathy
Sympathy is all he can give to my grief
For he knows not how I feel, though that is his belief
Abandonement and betrayal are out of his reach
He does not recognize the fear that I keep
The man may believe his life is hard
But my feelings are unbelievable, for he is not scarred
How could he know, how could he find out?
Pain is a feeling he knows nothing about
This pain does not show on the outside nor
Does it come from any blood or gore
This pain is on the inside and does not go away
It stabs the heart deeper with every given day
How can anyone understand me?
The words going through my mind could mark me as crazy
How can I express this terror in a word?
For each person would say it's absurd
And my fear is that the current pain that comes,
Is not the worst and not close to being done
So I thank you sir for trying your hardest
But no one can save me from my fears and my thoughts
Just leave me here, don't remember my sight
Leave me here feeling alone this dark night

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