Feeling Gray

Visualizing my favorite shades of black
The only word I relate to is "lack"
The constant tremble in my hands
The reason that I don't have friends
I know the feeling all too well
I aimed for heaven, but I'm headed for hell
Innocence lost and knowledge gained
You may never know that kind of pain
Tell me why I feel so shitty
Is depression not the same as self-pity?
Forget your great American Dream
Nothing is quite what it seems
Slowly but surely falling apart
Life is just a grotesque art
I look at the sky and feel so small
Next to me they stand so tall
I miss the little girl in me
But the secret is, you see
She was never lost; she only changed
The spirit of her still remains
And when it all comes to an end
I know she'll be my only friend
When I want to bring her to light
I visualize my favorite shades of white

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