Feeling So Blue

If only you held me, held me so tight,
and kissed me so gently every goodnight.
If only you loved me half as much as I loved you,
you wouldn't have left me, left me feeling so blue.
If only you would of wiped my tears
instead of time after time let me drown in my beers.
If only you could of let go of the past,
we could of been together forever, forever at last.
If only you would of taken my hand,
and started to make a really big stand.
If only you would of seen it in my eyes,
this may not have come as such a big, big surprise.
If only when I walked away, you didn't say goodbye and okay.
If only you said it's alright, I might have stayed even despite.
If only you hadn't left me to feel all alone,
I promise I would of made you feel like you sat on a throne.
Instead you didn't do this and I had to go,
never because I didn't want you or love you so.
But I guess it's because we both have to grow,
I will love you forever and ever, you know.
That's all from the bottom of my heart,
just always know I did from the start.
My true love was lost my true love was found,
and maybe just one day it will come back around.
And for now with all of this said and these thoughts in my head,
I'll just lay and I'll cry alone in my bed.

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