Feeling The Pin

The light in my world is slowly dimming
My happiness slowly fading away
The murders are scattered everywhere
All you see is decaying parts of me
This was done by you
Are you happy for what you've done?
Leading me on for what seemed like eternity
And then tossing me aside like I was nothing to you
What was I to you?
Was I a bet or a project?
To see how fast you can make me fall in love
And then discarding me like I was a piece of trash
The memories are still fresh in me
It's so hard to forget what you don't want to forget
This wound keeps opening up when I think of you
Will this pain ever go away?
I know you've moved on
Moved on to another girl
Are you playing her too?
Or do you have true feelings for her?
I'm trying my best to move on
But I'm finding it to be very difficult
Knowing you're not in my future
Makes it ten times harder to forget
I want to go numb
So I won't constantly feel the rigid pain

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