Feeling trapped in my head

Feeling trapped in my head,
I sometimes wish I was dead.
In there its only me,
sometimes I just can’t break-free.

Just because I think I’m weird,
I make myself my biggest fear.
Thinking no one wants to know me
has always left me so lonely.

Life should never be this hard,
but here I am feeling so scarred.
My past was never friendly,
made me be in my head so densely.

Everywhere it seemed to go so wrong,
how can I move on?
Trying to be someone new,
has been the hardest thing to do.

Maybe I should just break-free,
and not care what people think of me.
I truly mean no harm,
I just can’t win with no charm.

Everyone always disagrees,
but that’s not enough to change me.
For I am doing just fine,
and in time, maybe I will shine.

Life has hidden a lot of its beauty,
maybe one day, someone will see it in me.
For that reason, I shall never quit,
and embrace that I am a misfit.

Feeling trapped in my head,
I’m so glad I’m not dead.

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