Feeling You

As I lay here in my bed, and stare into the dark,
You're all I can think about, I feel like I'm falling apart.
What should I do!? I ask myself over and over again.
I don't like this feeling, and when will this feeling end!
You have brightened my life, with that great big smile,
No longer are my days feeling like a court trial.
Your touch is like heaven sent from high above,
So I ask myself is this true love!?
I may be reaching, but life's a risk.
Should I keep searching, wait just one more kiss!
Why is it so hard? Love is supposed to be easy,
I feel this pain in my chest, oh shit; just keep busy.
A knot in my stomach, what's going on?
Wait a minute; damn it! Not another love song!
I know it's not meant to be, I realize that now.
I'm not the Barbie doll you always dreamed of.
Oh wait; we can still be friends!? Damn it how?
But my heart is strong, it's been mended before.
I must have forgot what love was,
But you reminded me and so much more.
You will always have a special place in my heart,
Since I know now, it's time we part.

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