awake. All at once. I feel pain, anxious, hurt, abandoned, free and joyful. All at once. I feel like a tree is in me and it’s growing its branches. My arms weak from the birds sitting on them, and my head itchy from the leaves growing. My stomach aches from the bark stretching, and my feet numb because the Earth planted me. The dirt stains my toes with nutrients that I can taste in my stomach. The hole that’s in me is to protect now rather than being connected. The crows watch over me as they sit besides me while the caterpillar intelligently and determinedly climbs from my feet up to arms. It rests to mature with time but time only holds still. My hair falling and my body reproducing as the leaves of the past tumble and they crumble as the wind takes them away. The moon and sun shine unto the cocoon and out bursts awoken life. The butterfly spreads its wings and lands between my eyes. It sits as it doesn’t see itself in its own reflection of a caterpillar as it was, it now sees itself with everything. It is the tree. It is the dirt, my arms, my leaves, my Earth.

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