Feelings About Feelings

Feelings. The nominalization of a simple verb; to feel. A word used to describe the physical sensation of touch. Describing experiences other than just a physical sensation of touch. Reserved as the conscious subjective experience of emotion. Approaching basis for knowledge of feelings. Perception of the physical world, resulting in a universal reaction among receivers? But varies depending upon tendency of handling the said situation. Oh how the situation relates to the receiver's past experiences. Any number of any factors effecting every tiny detail of our lives. Feelings, as a state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments or desires. Past events constantly in our lives to forming schemas throughout our minds. Based upon those wicked past experiences, as to expect our lives to follow a certain script. Settling quite uneasy without said "scripting", without the ambivalence that feeling can only, and only, be "handled" by proxy. Individuals predict that something will give them a certain desired outcome in society. Indulging in what one might have thought- happy, excitement, something that might hopefully only cause a temporary thrill. But what if. What if the simplest misshapen thought, it might result in the opposite of what was expected. Events and experiences are done and relived to satisfy one's feelings. Feelings about feelings.

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