Feelings Within

I know what I did was wrong.
I'm sorry for what I did.
I try to hide the pain inside.
I feel I lose and never win.
Its hard when everyone you love just leaves.
They all use their words to beat me.
Don't take time to see my needs.
I will always have people that I've met in my heart.
No matter how hard it's broken or how far apart.
I lay awake every night to fight back the pain.
So that I can gain back everything.
I try to build up my self-esteem.
But it goes out like a light beam.
I'm so lonely like a lost puppy.
Everyone bullies me and I hold it all in no-one knows.
When I get home I go to my bedroom.
Then I let it all out without any doubt.
My family tries to help me but my body won't function.
I know I can fight through it because I'm a strong young woman.

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