Fell In

I fell in carelessly as a child
That plunges deep into imagination
When all at once I saw a light
A luminous nook of undisturbed entity
Beneath the light and beyond insight
Hooks a warmth of relief and dignity

Ongoing as my mind sets in
Shining a sparkle through my sight
A continuous care of love
Spreading like a virus that continuously makes way
Thousands of vacant hearts fleeting my mind
When all at once it was still

The love was oblivious
Concerning no one but my intellectual mind
When my world collapsed in my innocent eyes
I continued to plunge deeper into your affection
Lacking the consciousness of the ache I would seize

I fell in carelessly as a child
To the love that took me in
I fell in carelessly as a child
To a tenderly love that consumed me
I fell into a love that I would crave
Without seeing the pain it brought me

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