Fell Into Lost

Change the flavor of this taste in my mouth,
Spit the sour spoiled poisonous rot all over the ground,
Time has lost its ticks right before it's tocks all went crazy,
koo koo nutty in fact,
But what can I say, that clock keeps falling off the wall,
Splattering time all over the floor, Splashed some up into space,
Right next to the sun, who's angry at the moon,
who wouldn't play nice in the sky's smoking clouds,
Breathing in and out, Getting high off the shadows of doubt,
Counting the days backwards,
From Z to A, and B who can't C how things ended up this way,
1, 2, 3, not 4, but 5 joined in just in time,
To listen to the silent screams blowing around the whispering trees,
Speaking poetic energy,
Echoing with out a sound through the blank stares,
Forgot to care, but where is that last piece I need
to complete this masterpiece?
I never should have let him go free,
Nobody ever willingly returns to this hell, except me,
Started out knowing exactly which way to go,
Some where is where I fell off, Suddenly so far lost,
I forgot to remember where the road unfolds,
The change of direction took place unnoticed,
Thrown in to the deep end, and can't remember how to swim,
Relax the waves have taken me in,
Floating above the surface, No meaning, No effort, No purpose,
Left me out here in the middle of nothing,
Alone in the great unknown!

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