Fellow North Star

As I sat by the valley, revisited by death,
I happened upon a star,
Gasping it's last breath of gas.

Hanging on a whim, the thought may be grim,
but it is the reality of my dream-like state.

Questioning my sanity,
only to be understood,
lightyears away,
by the burning light,
that I saw today.

I saw the tunnels, the colors,
A sign of a straight line or two.
Why is it in this state,
I am reminded to look to you?
...Fellow North Star.

My life has become reminiscent of a Star.
I peacefully embrace the day I am guided back
where you are.

Double meaning in my words,
Double crossing my mind,
Only to find a peaceful middle.

Like the path that led me to the light today,
Till the day I am taken away,

I will stay alive.

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