Fictional love

So what is love?
The one you long for? Or the one that you miss?
For me, it's more like a Fictional Island ATLANTIS.

What more?
The one that is magical? Or that climax or twist by the plotter?
For me, it's as invented as wingardium leviosa from Harry Potter.

What else?
The one that is timeless? Or the one that lasts forever?
But what i found is, in the end we ran out of each other.

And what?
The one that resembles a shooting star? Or a friend like Doraemon?
It is just more regret, after something is lost or someone is gone.

The one that is godly? Or the one that brings us closer to ourselves?
It's surely not the one that you see in movies or in the book you have on your bookshelves.

So what is it?
The one you hid between pages of your book? Or the one with no fault, no crease?
I guess it's something that puts 8 colors to my rainbow and something that doesn't cost me my peace.

So the question is,
Do we really know what love is? What to fight for and what to live up to?
Maybe we actually don't know what it is, or maybe we just do!

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