Fidelity And Damnation

Slinky like a wrap around staircase to hell.
Good intentions? I have none, how about you?
Show me the fool paving this road and
you'll be shown a ghastly highway of everyone you know.
To the left of you is the you you used to be.
To the right the one you think you are.
Underneath those of you who were or mayhaps be.
What none of us believe ourselves to be.
Being crushed to chalkboard dust
is the teacher that ruined learning for Melenie Doubson.
A thousand yards ahead of us is the first heart you broke,
Who stumbles but is caught by your bulley in grade three.
Just behind, matching your speed, stepping on your heels
flat tire after flat tire after flat fucking tire
is the heart that swallowed your twenties.
You hear your father laugh
and one child you could've been wakes up unafraid.
The bullet, the prophet, and the toy piano
all sound the same from this distance between nowheres.
As the feet of all of this us that's the you inside of every me,
Every step that we take on this staircase of yesterday's
we still decend, as we pretend that this is who I am.
Wake up.
Just don't change a thing.
You're who they wanted you to be.
As we keep on living someone elses reality.

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