Fiery Soul Shadowy Moon

Life is to no means without my cute sequel sweet tied rather active.
The dashing vampire attractive a rash of gorgeous
the stash of gold it's her.
It's her intelligence and dangerously at even in silence
to protect her love to the end. It's me and to top it off her beautiful glare holding in those
dreadful eyes of malevolence visual mystic mysterious eyes stare.
That is your smile there as of where now?
It's on my face when we pair.
It's the kiss of your hugs.
It's the pull of your tug.
It's the dance of our cuts.
It's the pale of your touch.

It's in the centuries that it was and now always we will be found together.
It's your fangs that are too much goes deep into my skin
to bleed out stress.
It's your claws to take me struck to cut away my needs to breath.
This won't let us go not to let our bond to past fast
those moments our as dust.

What is it to you I must ask?
It's for you all I call her in ever the one only.
The deserving and worthy of me no one else is or ever will be.
I leave them lonely due to bad to good.
I hold her strongly at with my hands every chance I get
and my arms grip around your waist to stay. It's your hands around my neck.
It's in the sight of your brown hair over your forehead over the side of your face.
Then I see your white eyelids, pink lips, teeth, nose and ears.
I rub close my nose to your face.
I stay to your face we smile proud eventful excitement is the last
hours of the summer heat on the beach.

I need and want you to be here always with me naked covered in blood.
It's even when deep in our defeat soul capture of glow thin.
It's at least our minds to our rebel against others.
The deposition in keep of forces unique between us deep
afterlife we seek.

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