Fifteen Minutes

Two hours there and two hours back.
I think I'd rather sulk in the black.
With a sigh and a dragging of my feet, I walk in.
"Name and ID, please. Hurry up and check in."
I wish they'd be considerate, but who am I to think like that;
That they would be kind enough to supply me with a fat
Piece of meat to curb my hunger, and my children's at that.
Ha, of course not. You do the crime, you do the time.
When I say I wonder if it's worth my time, I'm not lying.
He did it for some cash and a dime.
Fifteen minutes of glass paired with four hours of gas.
One would think they'd extend it and give me a pass.
I can't understand why he'd do it in the first place,
But I'm trying to keep moving; keeping up with the world's pace.
Time never stops.
The clocks keep going.
Every time he calls it's like another punch he's throwing,
"I know I did wrong, but I hope you're living with ease."
"Keep me in your thoughts, and just think of me, please."
Of course I'll think of him, but not as the same man.
I think of him every day as I'm kicking around the same can,
Filled with the money I don't have going to the kids I can't feed.
It's sad that no one cares unless they're the one in need.
Right now, I'd honestly settle for a breadcrumb.
So don't go chasing after money when you already have some.

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