Fifteen Times

The valley was fragile in the blizzard storm
The leaves were absent, the bugs would swarm
In one tree hollow a vulture would stand
And cry fifteen times all over the land
When night time fell the wind still blew
And still in that spot the vulture flew
Far far away the morning would come
And maybe that vulture would drink some rum
But soon the time came that the vulture would leave
Out in the sun his wings would heave
But when he found his new town
He couldn't help not making a frown
For when he got there there was no sound
But he flew here all year round
But his voice now did ring
And just then he began to sing
"This is my new town you see
Maybe this is where I'm meant to be"
Caw and cry another fifteen times
And now the clock just chimes and chimes
And when it reaches fifteen
The sun will begin to beam
The vulture cries to the sun
And then the day will be done

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