Fight for Freedom

The race is run
The battle won
The foe is at her feet.
To see him lying
On the ground
For her is such a treat.
She rued the day
They e'er did meet
Her life did change so much.
She walked around
Afraid of him
And did so fear his touch.
Until one day
He went too far
And dealt a bitter blow.
With fiery eyes
And head held high
Her courage she did show.
In battle met
Much blood was let
Her aim was steady, true.
Come in to her own
Her courage honed
She knew just what to do.
She drove him back
Then to his knees
He fell, this foe so black.
She then gazed down
There on the ground
All love for him she lacked.
She showed to him
More mercy than
He'd ever shown before.
Her sword she wielded
Quick and true
She sent him through
Death's door.
As she walked away
That glorious day
When she came in to her own
"Now at last"
She thought with pride
"My house will be a home.
No more,you see
Will I believe
The tales a man will spin.
I fought for my life
And have dealt with strife
My new life will now begin."
She stands alone
With head held high
Under the morning sun.
With a smile on her face
She does hold her place
And battles on alone.

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