Fight or Flight

Are you gonna run?
Or are you gonna fight?
You can't undo what's been done.
You can't make this right.

Things moved too fast,
and you already feel regret.
You know this won't last.
You made the wrong step.

You're trying to stay steady,
but your heart is racing.
You know you aren't ready,
your mind is pacing.

You're second guessing,
shouldn't this feel right?
His hands pressing,
you against him tight.

You think you want to back out.
You're scared either way.
There's so much doubt,
whether you go or stay.

But you smile,
and look into his eyes.
If only you could stay there awhile,
you might begin to believe your own lies.

You're torn.
about what you said,
and what you swore.
You're torn with dread.

It's do.
or die.
But you know too,
it all ends with good-bye.

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