Fight Slave

A slave to my addiction, get my ends at any cost.
I'm the dark I've stumbled, for far too long been lost.
I've let this sickness beat me, knock me to the ground,
Let it take me over til no joy in life I found.
How'd I let this happen, when did I begin to fall?
When did I become too weak to just ignore it's call?
It didn't have to work hard, just wait for me to slip,
Wait for me to trip and fall, right into its grip.
It gave me what I wanted, it really numbed the pain,
But what it took was worth much more, I really didn't gain.
Took away my feelings, turned my heart into a stone,
Kept me from my friends and family til I was left alone.
Being left with nothing, feeling broken and stripped bare,
Made me wish my heart would stop, for my own life I didn't care.
All I have left is shame and anger, just wish the pain would end,
Here I sit, my life is gone and dope my only friend.
Then I heard a message, that made me want to fight.
God said thatHestill loves me and fills my heart with light.
He wrapped me in His arms, carried me most of the way.
Made me feel alive again, showed me the beauty of a day.
28th His help I'll recover, stay strong and keep my head up.
By His grace my life was saved, by drinking from His cup.

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