dew drops glistening in the air
a motionless motion on the stair
the moon ablaze above us.

shooting stars and minute hands
struggles and hardship to withstand
we keep the pace within our souls.

wordless insults, flecks of light
crooning lullabies in the night
slate-gray skies and piercing eyes.

five hundred soldiers rallied now
a weakened hand, a wearied brow
lingering whispers hushed but heard.

the ageless story must be told
conveyed through generations controlled
our fight for freedom resonates.

down with the enemies, not a kind word
down with the gunshots, the vision blurred
today is the day.

tides roll in like blankets spread
a sewing needle without thread
the time has come.

defy what society claims is just
question and counter, ignore their distrust
rely on your intuition.

we shall be empowered by this
a lush green meadow, an angel’s kiss
raise us up and maintain our faith

as we put up the fight for our life.

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