With her mind in complete chaos & her heart as strong as can be,
scarred and bruised,
they all wonder how she is not crying on her knees.
She has to stay keep fighting,
she must keep moving on,she has to keep a strong willed attitude,
even though she has times where she completely falls apart.
But she always gets back up,
and wipes the dust off of her knees,
she knows she has her life to live and continue,
which why she continues to breath,
take in deep breaths....
breath slowly in and out...
in this life she must keep going,
and continue to glide life's trials,even with broken wing,
she pushes forward everyday.
This girl knows she is a very strong individual,
for she knows she has to be,
this girl has had heartbreak,
has been lied too,
taken advantage of,
and betrayed,but you see,
she is a very good person,
with a very kind soul,
a very loving heart,
she will never let the world make her cold.
This girl you see,this girl is me.

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