Fighting Alzheimer's

In the Eyes of Fighting Alzheimer's

Remembering who I used to be may not come easy for me,
I used to know some time ago.
I stare at you with eyes full of love,
I know what I want to say, but the words won't come out right.
Over the length of a month, a year,
confusion has become my new friend.
In the back of my mind our memories still remain,
just like they happened yesterday,
even when silence is all that fills the room.
Even with my mind gone,
my body and soul are still here.
You may not understand, but neither do I.
Time may not be on our side,
but just don't give up on me yet.
No matter how hard life has got, your presence,
the feel of someone's touch,
even your caring voice, keeps me breathing.
Even when all I do is sit and stare at you,
underneath all the confusion,
I know everything you have done for me.
When I go, remember that I am and always have been,
your friend, your family, and your companion.
Remember who I use to be,
not who my friend has made me become.

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This Poems Story

Growing up wasn't always the easiest, but I think most can say that. I believe that what we go through in life makes writing poetry that much easier and makes your poems that more meaningful. The words that I have produced are very close to my heart. My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a couple years ago, and over the last year, confusion and silence is all that she knows. Even though she is still with us now, time isn't on our side anymore. I have hope that one day they will find a cure.