Fighting fate

The fire burns so deep inside,
I cant run i cant hide,
Im lost within
Theres no escape
From this forsaken turn of fate.

It burns beneath these empty halls.
Slowly burning through them all.
Theres no way out I cant get free,
There is no more air
I can barely breathe.

Fire burns through it all.
Theres No one here to hear my calls,
I try to escape this firey fate.
Only I am to A second to late.

What to do?I’m all alone!
While the fire burns and burns,
I give up I have lost to fate.
So i will just sit here and wait.

Slowly creeping up on me,
The fire burns so slowly.
I am surrounded!
There is no way out!
Until a figure comes about.
Out of the fire a body rains,
Finally here to save me from fate.

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