Fighting Not to Fight

My patients is tested everyday.

With just the thought I clinch my fists so tight.

But I've learned when I choose to walk away, that I really win the fight.

Slander my name , bringing me down with shame.

But they never attempt to see my heart.

I bite my tounge until its numb.

But on the inside I want to fall apart.

In these times we must learn to be the bigger man.

Forgive and forget , no matter where we stand.
Weather wrong or right,

For nothing ever changes when we choose to fight.

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This Poems Story

I grew up with the rough kids, we would fight to prove our dominance, I was bullied at times, and I swore I would get revenge on those that hurt me. But as time went by and I got older, I started to realize that fighting is not the answer to all your problems, and if you avoid certain situations, you actually do feel like the bigger person. Sometimes it is hard to walk away from any type of fight, weather it be a simple argument or fist a cuffs, but the end result will only change if you learn to he the bigger person.