Fighting Though Love

You know the love see in movies and books? That all consuming love.. That if i don't have you, ill have nothing kinda love. They make it out to be something so healthy.. And natural. So young children see. Sleeping Beauty and her happily ever after, with the man who raped her.. But no one talks about the ugly part of her story. Because he probably couldn't find his own strength so he had to make her fear him. or need him.. because that was she even before him? Just a girl that was sleeping her life away. Who had lost her way in life, or was to young to say no to the only man who loved her.. Or that's what she thought, she loved the life he gave her. The castle he gave her for her silence.. But everyone heard her screaming for help, when he forgot how to be human, he may not have killed her, because she got away, or that's what they say.. that's what they never say in there happy ever after.

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It's a story about abuse, in children's books