Electric fences guard her heart
Her tears create new oceans
No sign of life resides inside her
Her eyes are dull and lack emotion
Her legs are weak and can no longer hold her up
They crumble beneath her sending her face first to the ground
She lays there motionless closes her eyes
Invincible to the world
People walk on her back and forth not realizing she is there
This is ok for her, she knows she is nothing more than a doormat
Her 1 and only role in life
Her battered, fragile body shakes violently
Like a wild animal approach her slow
No fast movements not sudden loud noises
So alone and paralyzed by fear
There is no escaping the prison that is her mind
She searches desperately for peace and escape
She finds it in a handful of magic that will take all her pain away
Now she lays back stares at the sky until the grey fades into brightness
She closes her eyes forever smiles and let's the shackles fall off
She is finally free

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