Figure Skater

She skates across her icy rink
(Or skids, perhaps, might be the case);
She's almost caught off balance, by
The look of worry on her face.
But very quick she rights herself
And laughs as she comes to a halt
To catch her breath and try again
For vict'ry over clumsy fault.

She hurries so to glide once more,
And spins to momentum preserve,
And spins 'til nearly topples o'er;
Giddy, she rests 'til world's assured.
She hops from foot to foot and back,
And gracefully she bends and sways
And dances round and round the floor,
Joy flooding off her face in rays.

If you should through a window peek,
You'll glimpse a girl on kitchen tiles,
Sliding about on stockinged feet,
Her bright face all alight with smiles.
Before an audience of none
But her and any spirits there,
A little girl still twirls and turns
In innocence, without a care.

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